Friday, March 20, 2009

..the hound of the baskervilles..

This was when there was a fire in our hostel at around 12am or so, so as a precaution we all had to go out. Some experience though. No fatalities by the way. Mmm. This was not long ago. My hair still short.

My sister's room before the renovation. It was a dump. Everything in the room was not right, the window's broken, the wallpapers are filled with cockroaches and we had to refurbish every single damn thing in the room. Queer eye for the straight guy huh.

A lecture that obviously not everyone is paying attention to. This guy is famous for his ability to sleep just about anywhere. Preparing himself for the future on-call duties I guess.

I'm practicing my handshake. With a hand. And I'm using my left hand some more. In this Surgery class, the lecturer would always screw and pandang rendah to us, just because we came from Malaysia. Whats her problem?

A typical moment in the Metro, just after class. Behind, we can see the figure of the being called Yumnesh. The russian words on the door means "Do not lean". But I don't really give a fuck.

I think this was on Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, the embassy's "Nasik Kambing". Heck. I don't know its real name. I just come, eat, have fun, and sometimes feast my eyes for the unexpected. Heh.

More to come. I guess.

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