Saturday, March 14, 2009

..the snow queen..

After much of the hullabaloo, the RSMU Interbatch Community Games has been canceled. For awhile lah. Some people were itching to test their skills. Some people has no interest at all. Some people who were about to sell food was left frustrated, some rejoice at the thought of getting food at a lower price (like that was going to happen!). Anyways, due to the incognito of the spreading of the Rubella virus in our hostel, the university Rector (some sort of chancellor) has ordered us to cancel the games and stay in our rooms instead. These Russians really are scared if we brought them our tropical diseases hahaha.

But from my findings last night, Rubella wasn't really supposed to be that bad. Just stay in your room for 1 week, with good food, good rest for awhile, not making direct contact with others, and you are good as new the following week. These things rarely gets to guys, its usually a chick's disease, so no need to get gelabah la. If there are guys who somehow got them, it may usually just be your average chicken pox or cacar air or whatever lah. I don't give a rat's ass. I'll be glad to have my normal quiet weekend rest. Sometimes life's good.

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