Friday, April 17, 2009

..the canary prince..

Do I really need to buy a new handphone? My current one is the SonyEricsson W610i Walkman series. Think I bought it just before I entered my 2nd year, for around RM600 in Kajang. Well yeah I went with my dad. The phone has served me well. It has the occasional slow moments, sort of lagging, but the Walkman system is superb. The only scratch on my head is because of my clumsiness, the crystal liquid in my screen has somehow found its way out, making my screen looking like it has a blot of ink. Which looks of course kinda stupid.

Thats the only thing I hate lah. The picture quality is superb, befitting a Sony. The sound system is among the best I must say. And then theres the usual scratches at the back here and there. Other than that, its quiet okla. But seeing nowadays that all these people are using iPhones, PDA's and smart phones, I do feel kinda low esteem for myself. Fuck it lah. Atleast my phone transforms into a Walkman!

As you may indeed figure by now, I'm a SonyEricsson junkie. I've been buying SEs since my very first one, when I first went to college. It was really cikai, but the design was damn cool and slick. I kinda miss that one really. Why SE? Well maybe because I dont like to be seen common. Nokias has been infesting the market. And now iPhones. SoneEricsson...well lets just say we are in a league of our own.

Man I really want the SonyEricsson W980...

Ah. So Liverpool has been knocked out from the Champions League. Thats too bad. I was always waiting every time it comes to our "great European nights", where the ever loud and supportive koppites sing and chant the names of their favorite players, at Anfield. Granted, I was never a fan of watching Liverpool games live on the telly or online streaming, I guess I was afraid of inflicting some jinx on the team, heh. Either way, the absence of Stevie G was for me, not really a problem when we fought Chelshit at Stamford Bridge.

Xabi Alonso and Mascherano can step up very well. As for Lucas, he's still a kid, so he's done quiet well and average lah. It seems that Rafa went for broke, unleashing all the demons and ask the players to play gung-ho and go for goals. Which culminated in us conceding 4 goals in a single game, a very rare occurrence indeed in my memory of Rafa's stint. Well for the neutrals, it was a very good game, lot of goals, and I'll be glad if I was at Stamford Bridge. Boy. 8 fucking goals in a game. Ah well. Life must go on.

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