Saturday, April 11, 2009

..the devil with the three golden hairs..

So here we are. Brawn GP are dominating the new season of F1 in true fairytale style. Liverpool got beaten by a resurgent Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League. And the Russian football team got its new jersey. Its Adidas made, and quite frankly it does look rather handsome.

In the middle is Tottenham Hotspurs' Roman Pavlyuchenko, one of the better Russian exports in world football. And some other dudes at the back I do not know.

At the other end of things, I finally could catch up with some things. A couple of days ago I managed to finish watching the Da Vinci Code, with Tom Hanks and Jean Reno in it. I guess for the neutrals it was quite nice la. But I have actually read the book first beforehand. Some years ago I think. It wasnt quite like in my imagination, but it was not bad either. Which is quite some respect to Dan Brown's ability of storytelling. How the characters intertwine in the book are much more grippling and satisfyingly told by his perfect words. Quite some guy he is. Oh and I've already read Angels and Demons too. Looking forward for the movie also.

Spring is coming. The snow in Moscow is slowly fading away, melting. Its always nice to have a bit of sunshine. Not too much or you will get UV-ray radiation, never a good thing. I guess its time to find me some nice sunglasses.


edd faLco said...

mmm..spring...miss spring in uk

I Am Marat13 said...

spring time is good......