Saturday, June 13, 2009

..the puss in boots..

Makes my saliva meleleh...The only, Dunkin Donuts..

Can never beat the original one..NEVER!!

So I was saying, who is this bugger, Jason Koumas? Why am I so obsessed with it? Like how I am obsessed with the Dunkin Donuts box set. Talk about donuts, I dont really care what topping they have. As long as its good, I'll take it any given day. Here in capitalist Russia, the closest thing to it are just the Russian wannabe, "Doni Donik" and some other wannabes like "Coffee House" and all that sorts. I never really bought any of them donuts there though. Never really was enticed by it. The closest thing was maybe being in Starbucks, but thats just for a round of Frappucino.

Sugar coated ponchiks....regular person buys one..I always buy two in one shot..=p

Here, the traditional donuts are stuffed ones. They are called, "Ponchik". Ponchiki for plural lah. They stuff it with mundane everyday stuffs like chocolate mousse, caramel cream and maybe vanilla? I dont know. I only ever tried chocolate mousse and caramel. Doesnt taste heavenly, but what can you do when you are in a hurry to go to class and it just happens that theres a kedai roti nearby? Sigh.

Back to business, I never was really accustomed to the name Jason Koumas. I only know that he plays for West Bromwich Albion (used to), is an attacking central midfielder, is Welsh (like Catherine Zeta-Jones =D ) and has a peculiar little name, Ιασωνας Κούμας . Apparently he's half Greek-Cypriot. Much like Fenerbahce and former Sheffield United self-proclaimed star, Colin Kazim-Richards. Kazim-Richards now plays for Turkish national team though. And I must say he's actually pretty decent.

Jason "legend" Koumas making old fart Ryan Giggs crap in his pants..

I happened to stumble upon the greatness of Jason Koumas while playing against hanhebat in ProEvolution Soccer. Since I like playing the good guy, the underdog, I just chose Wigan Athletic while he chose, wait I cant remember, Barcelona I think? Or maybe it was Milan. Or Man Utd. Anyways, my Wigan totally ransacked his team, with Emile Heskey bulldozing his way through, and of course, the silky skills of the legend, Jason fucking Koumas. No defender could catch up with him, and his passing sublime, almost Andrea Pirlo-like, razor sharp passing. But anyways, he was only the source of jokes between me and hanhebat, as in real life, he doesnt really shine. Heck, even Wilson Palacios and Luis Antonio Valencia shines more than him in the Wigan team. The former now a midfield general for Tottenham Hotspurs, the latter in hot pursuit by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Koumas in 2011.Still at Wigan, playing reserves, CocaCola Championship,transfer fee a colossal 20,000 pounds. You read that, Ronaldo?

So there you have it, Jason Koumas. If you could one day make it to the top, like say, any of the EPL four teams, Barcelona or Real Madrid, I will make it damn possible to have you sign my replica shirt with your name embedded on it. JASON KOUMASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Even saying the name sends chill to my spine. lol


The Exquisite Instigator said...


I Am Marat13 said...

haha.. kan?

mane puas beli donat seketul je.. =D

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Big Apple la sedap.Weyh,mulai hari nie aku dah xsokong MU sebab Ronaldo dah kuar...hahaha

shogunn_general said...

so ko nak sokong real madrid la lepas ni ek?

sokongla nani..die kan kembar ronaldo hahaha

Han Hebat said...

tipu gler.
aku gne random team lol!!

shogunn_general said...

huhh..papehal ko mmg patut lg hebat dr aku kot..tapi aku ade JASON KOUMAS!!! hahahaha

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

pegi ambk award

shogunn_general said...

award pelancau?