Tuesday, September 8, 2009

..the love for three oranges..

Behold, Akula FC.

This season, I entered a team into the Fantasy Football league, well its actually Barclays Premier League. It was a bit late as we were about to enter the 5th match weekend, but hey, never say never. Hanhebat was also persuaded to enter his team, the result of the average level of boredom in the great city of Moscow. I'm really excited to see how this could turn out. Ganbatte! :)


Han Hebat said...

bak datang.
aku nak jadik nerd sume bende
so aku da study upcoming matches,
and aku rasa aku muktamad ngn ni,
cuma aku masih x ragu2 ngn upson atau gantikan dgan stearman..
west ham ke wolve yg ley cleansheet weekend ni??


Han Hebat said...


shogunn_general said...

huh aku dh tuka td. amik upson aa. mamat tu england international kot.