Wednesday, September 9, 2009

..the jackal and the spring..

A little touch of Paul Frank.

"Wuwuwuwu..." goes the sound of my roomie's iPhone alarm. The howling sounds of restless souls, ghouls or perhaps Casper awakens the dark room. Off he goes to the bathroom, then to the class, in the hospital. And now I'm awake at around 7.00am on my new IKEA double decker bed. The room has since got much more space, and looks much more ok. Later on that.

I like them trees.

On the way to Metro Dinamo, where the football club Dinamo Moscow plays just near there, I tend to just be by myself, enjoying the stroll in the bus, by just standing right beside the window. Much like that dog Marley in the movie "Marley and Me" hehe...Because you see, I can easily get carsick, or something like that. A little smell of fume or some other irritants can spell hell for me. Seriously. Plus when I get a seat in the bus, I tend to give my seat away to old people or something like that. Good samaritan-like.. :)

Here's some Dunkins.This was in Malaysia though.. :(

Right now its the Obstetrics cycle in the #8th Hospital. Its quiet far, I have to wake early in the morning, have to beat the rush hour to smash my way through the bus and metro. So the only peace of mind that I can get is when I go back home in the bus on the way to the metro station, listening to my SE Walkman, ignoring all the bunch and such in the bus. By the way bus drivers here in Moscow drives horribly. They emergency brake pretty much everywhere.

Anyway, for now my class went ok. Here's for a good time in my 4th year! Pretty much goes to all my batchmates too.. :)


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

smlm nadia jumpe ponchik(donat kan?).. 10ruble sebiji.. pastu ade lg satu tu donat sadur ngan gula.. ade offer 2 biji 15rub. seemed interesting tp tak berani nk percaya. haha.. jual dekat2 pintu masuk ikea..kat mega laa..

shogunn_general said...

haha food explorer..lepas raya nnt bole r..