Friday, October 9, 2009

..the master thief..

Its a lovely weather in Moscow currently, and its a Saturday. Yeay! I'm in the mood of some good-hearted blogging, so today I'm going to dig some pictures from my SonyEricsson W980i. Buckle up.

When you get Syphilis, this happens.

This is one of our wax sample when we learned about Syphilis and Gonorrhea in the Dermatology and Venerological Diseases cycle. I think this was dated, made in 1960, by some obscure Soviet wax artist. The face looks real. And I mean fucking real. Even got bits2 of unshaven beard if you can see closely. Remarkable.

Homemade sandwich. Sort of.

I made this one. And I was really stuffed after eating it. I'm a big fan of Subway, so I tried to make my own version. :) So the ingredients was scrambled eggs, mayonaise, tartar sauce, salad, fresh tomato, tin canned chilli tuna, and just some normal bread. Easy! But I advice you guys to eat in a bowl or something, because the contents would just normally slip out, hhehe. Then you can just eat it up using a a spoon, just like some normal salad. Try it!

Doing what kittens do best. Act cute and lazy.

This is my pet kitten, Apple. She was rescued from the Metro station, the poor thing. Contrary to belief, she is still a kitten, though a bit fat at the tummy lol. This is her, being lazy after a nice warm bath, on HanHebat's desk. The cat is a bit like us, anti-social. Hehe.

Dynamo Moscow Stadium. Still being renovated though.

My very first cycle, O&G. Not bothering to explain, just wiki the stuffs. Kinda cool stadium. Very old yes, and very Russian. The weather at that time was just nice, I always just wear only a t-shirt going to class, it was that warm. But nowadays cannot la, autumn just started. No more nice views... :(


Blood Seeker said...

Holy barnacles that face looks impeccably real! Good thing they don't use a scale model of the cankered 'member' as an exhibit of STD.

shogunn_general said...

they did. i just didnt show it here. hehe

bahiyahnor said...

i got shocked when i saw the face... freaking real~

and cute kitten... lazy and sleepy all the time... wish i can be the same..~

shogunn_general said...

in russia, almost anything will give you a shock! ^^

yeap the kitten is cute..more pics of her in my facebook.. :)

Blood Seeker said...