Wednesday, October 7, 2009

..the blockhead hans..

So its official now. Robert Kubica is going to join Renault next season. As far as I'm concerned, he's taking a big risk. Renault is just recovering from the race-fixing scandal, and their big sponsors like ING and Mutua Madrilena are running away from Renault. But Kubica has time on his side, as he is still young, hungry, and has loads of F1 racing experience. So for Renault, I should say that this is a coup for them. Apparently he's going to be the lead driver.

Hurray! I got a job for next year!

So is Romain Grosjean staying for the 2nd seat? I expect so. He's an exciting talent, with the occasional mistakes, but let the kid grow I say, and keep him for awhile. Ferrari signs double World Champion Fernando Alonso, so that means Kimi Raikkonen is a goner. Interesting season ahead! Cheers.

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