Wednesday, November 18, 2009

..the cat on the dovrefell..

Money well spent. Woohoo!! :D

I bought a winter jacket at Bershka, for 2999 rubles. There. I said it. But I am pretty damn pleased. Well for one, this still hasnt beat the 4000 odd rubles that I've spend on my Solomon winter boots when I was in my pre-med. But I guess it was time.

Still looking good. Mmm. Yes.

I had long used my very thin Reebok jacket (which the Reebok emblem is slowling fading away in sadness..), with a layer of sweater and some shirts underneath.

On the way back from the hospital. Super lame cycle. Seriously!

Also, I have this green Topman winter jacket, but somehow I dont really fancy it much. Tskk. Anyways, I've been trying to enjoy the winter a bit, as for the past few days, it has been such a marvelous view, although I was already late to class... :p The weather was just fine, not too cold, but the sight of snow, just dangling there (is the word dangling correct?) on the branches of the tree was quite cool. My phone's camera resolution wasnt quite up to par, but the pictures was ok lah.

The Americans are all swooning about swashbuckling Englishmen now. Jusk ask House and this guy. You might recognize him from the movie "Hulk"

These days I've been watching a crime series called, "Lie to me". It stars Englishman Tim Roth, and some other guys. Frankly theres been a bunch of crime series at late, each with its own tackiness, CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, just to name a few. "Lie to me" is about these bunch of guys trying to catch a criminal, by looking at his facial motion, or body gestures, things that humans cant possibly control of, because, well, its just natural. The brain can tell you to lie, but the body tells its own story. Its compelling, and very interesting. Try to catch it in your spare time.

MTV of the day, SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). Always makes me smile. :)


ChiroBie said...

I like the 3rd pic ~ nice!

shogunn_general said...

thx..pic in ur blog is much nicer! :D