Wednesday, December 23, 2009

..the princess who was hidden underground..

Tak best nye!!!! =(


Even after all these years.

Even after all these failings.

Still sakit hati jugak.

Even though I know I'm not supposed to.

Damn it lah.

Just now I was sleepy, then when I saw it, my heart was racing furiously (mild tachycardia).

I'm living in my own world I guess.

Perasan je lebih kot.

I'm always like that.

I always have a feeling that she felt I'm not worthy of her, ada je yang tak sempurna. (too dark, too tall, too quiet, too gloomy, too slow, too blur).

*sighs*.. what to do..I'm way over here...tsk..

MTV of the week, the Click Five - Just the Girl.

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