Friday, December 25, 2009

..the language of the birds..

For the past 2 weeks, the lecturer was giving me psychological horror and mental torture, which will lead to :

A. me studying hard to prove him wrong
B. so mentally scarred that I have no mood to study the night before class
C. so afraid to give even speak out in class to give an answer even though it was correct (some of them are =p)

Frankly speaking, the lecturer was expecting much of us, wanted to actually make us study harder to take a harder grasp on real life. Medicine is no bull shit. Yes. But, he really could have done it in a more humble or subtle way. Well I guess thats just his way of teaching. Regardless, I got credits today, and I was studying a bit more than normal actually, so, kudos.

Kingdom of Heaven. What can you say? Such a great movie, by the bad ass epic movie specialist director, Ridley Scott. Though I must say, Gladiator was his best ever. Theres no good versus evil here. Just a bunch of soldiers following what their commanders say, some. even blindly so. The way Scott depicts Saladin and his Muslim Arabs was not actually correct in some way, but I can see that he did his best. Plus, its very rare for me to see a bunch of Arab army in a Hollywood movie. So, yeah, plus the kick ass soundtrack and colossal army fights, it is very inspiring, after such a tiring week in the hospital.

MTV of the day, Michael Learns to Rock - That's Why You Go Away.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Nanti ko posting mana?Aku xnk pegi hospital yang ada doktor macam ko.Tak sakit pun bertambah sakit tengok muka horror ko.BTW,tengok movie 'Funny People'.Lawak gle tengok Adam Sandler kutuk doktor yang check dye.Automatically aku teringat muka ko.

shogunn_general said...


tapi doktor tu mmg kaw2 kne kutuk ar haha...