Friday, January 1, 2010

..the old woman in the wood..

Welcome, January the first, of the Gregorian calendar, year 2010. In a way, it kinda sucks because in 10 days time, I will have my 24th birthday. I'm old! Argh! Plus there's exams coming, this 12th and 19th January. Honestly, I've been fooling around and idling too much, so I really don't know if I'm gonna pass or not, but nevertheless, I will give my best before and during the exams, and I wish this new year will give me the courage and bravery (am I going to war?) to live life the fullest for the year 2010.

My love life sucks. My financial life sucks. I have no savings at all. I have friends only as weird as I am. My brain is like comatose in a studying-sense. I play so-so in football. I have no style.

See? It sucks.

I have no looks. My hair makes me look like a nutter. I can't seem to gain weight by just eating and sleeping. My eyesight is still ok though. I miss that stupid little cat.

Stupid little cat. Come backkkkk!!!!

Now I think have too many shoes. I'm beginning to get complacent a bout the weather. I have few friends who are girls (although, they are amazing dudettes). I cook the same meal over and over again. I play too much Football Manager 2010 (manager of Liverpool, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Luton Town).

I'm a World Class manager, bitch.

So, want to know my New Year resolutions? Just look up, and whatever there's a bit of a negative in those sentences above, I intend to make it right.

Pissed in your pants already, eh?

There must be war. God wills it. -quote from the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

MTV of the day, Hella Good-No Doubt.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

aku dah lama tahu ko suck.wakaka

shogunn_general said...

haha ko pn sama suck mcm aku. dammit