Tuesday, February 16, 2010

..don't dream its over..

The motley crew.

This was taken some time ago, I think about the time when I was finishing my college days in Melaka. These are a bunch of my Bangi friends, my classmates and colleagues. Actually we all Bangi people calls our place Bangi, instead of the more properly stated Bandar Baru Bangi. Mostly it is because it is too long to pronounce and its too tedious.

Afif, Fida and me, before sending me to Moscow for the first time..

The first one from the left is my good buddy and neighbour Wan Muhd Afif, just call him Afif. My close friend since form1, he used to be short, hehe. Studies in MMU Cyberjaya. The latest that I know is that he's currently doing some job in India, I think concerning about photo shootings or something.

Salleh, always the victim of my Sarawak jokes.

The second one on the left beside Afif, is Salleh, the specky guy. He's a bit hunchy, so sometimes I call him Si Bongkok or Hunchback of Notre Dame. He's not a nerd though, just a comic junky like me. Came to our school from Kuching, Sarawak during form1, I always make fun of him due to his inept ability of the English language which is rather odd because I always think that people who goes to school in Sarawak will have good command of English. Guess not then.

Qayyum, peeping skirts under the escalator.

Beside Salleh is the chubby Qayyum. Sepet and chinese looking, he used to never comb his hair, thats because he almost never grows them long at school. But now that he works, I think he grows them a bit. Also a bit of a comic book junky. Typical Bangi eh. Hehe.

Syamil The architect @ Larry.

The one with folding hands beside Qayyum and me is my other good buddy and neighbour, Syamil Musaddiq. Normally I call him Syamil, sometimes Saddam, Musaddam etc etc. Studying to be an architect, whenever I went home for my school holidays, cuti matrik, back from Moscow, we almost always hang around. He's only one of the few that I trust to tell about my love life, girl stuffs, funny stuffs and some shit. In short, he's my homie.

Me, in front of a big ass snowman in Berlin.

I'm the one in blue, with the yellow slippers.

Syafiq, hanging around, doing typical Bangi stuffs.

The red one is Syafiq, anak cikgu. Looks nerdish, but he really is a bad boy. Not really close to him, but we used to be classmates in sekolah menengah and sekolah agama.

Azim, cool guy.

The dude on the green scooter is Azim. Athletic, ladies man, charming, and good brains. His whole family is into athletics, mostly olahraga kot. Don't know what he's up to now. Also former classmate.

The one with the Transformers shirt is the hot headed Hadi. He's short-tempered and stuffs, but thats what makes him so funny hehe. He boasts that he listens to heavy metal and rock stuffs, but I think silently he has a silent stash of pop music albums hehe..

Ukays in from of kilang Hitachi..kat Bangi ke ni? Huhu..

The cute affable big guy is Ukasyah. Usually just call him Kasyah. But I always give him Ukacang, Ukacak for some reason hehe. Also one of my close mates. During form1 I always go to his house doing homework and stuffs because the guy is good in mathematics and I really suck at it. He gets a lot of stick for being a big guy, but actually he is really nice and caring. Also likes Manchester United...(this one I don't like..lol).

The little boy on the far right is the quite but dangerously hazardous Khairul Anuar. He's very anti-social. Friends? Mostly guy friends. I never saw him conversate with a member of the different sex. I went to college with this guy at Melaka, and apparently he's quite popular with the girls due to his boyish looks and shy appearance. Cehh...

So those are some of my dude friends at home. Its a pity that I have only 2 weeks to spend at home when the summer holidays comes..Well I think I have to make the most of it when it comes then..

Area Jalan 6..kat sini ada kedai gunting rambut Maniam kot..tapi aku pergi kedai gunting rambut Muna je sebab situ lagi cool haha..

Taman Tasik Cempaka with Warta@Bangi Utama in the background..

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