Thursday, March 4, 2010

..when I come around..

Part 2 : Amsterdam, the raunchy city.. >:)

Dinner at an Egyptian kebab house..curry rice with fried seafood..yumm!

Yes, I Amsterdam!

Inside a tram. The public transport is awesome.

Breakfast at our student hostel, Durty Nelly's. English breakfast never was my cup of tea.

Group photo, Ipan, Anna and Azzam.

The infamous Amsterdam water channels. Never had a chance to take boat ride though... :(

Veggie rice with prawn toppings... :)

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam.

In front of Oasis poster in Hard Rock Cafe.

Bicycles, the main mode of transportation for Amsterdam citizens.

Just a mock windmill though... :(

Slytherin stuff or something...

Amsterdam was phenomenal! Maybe because it was so long since I travelled to Europe. The last time was when I went to Sweden and the Baltic countries like Estonia and others. Tried hard to check on my finances though hhehe. Managed to buy a Harry Potter hardcover book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ( what the hell are hallows btw??).

Its a much-welcomed distraction... :P

Egyptian and other obscure Arab kebab houses sell great food, but it was very costly so we couldnt really indulge in it much. Found Indonesian restaurants, but we knew better. The Red Light District areas are ok too, but very scary if you're travelling alone.


We went to the Amsterdam Dungeon, which was part horror-house, part educational. It was fun, the guys were very spirited in wanting to scare us, perhaps it was because we were the first customers of the day.. :D I like Dutch people, they're very friendly and warm, unlike Muscovites..

Anyway, it was a fun experience, and I would very much like to visit Amsterdam again! :D

omg omg omg....

Oh and dont forget to try their potato fries, called frites..its addictive!


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

i miss frites!!

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Amsterdam.Hahaha.Kau hisap weed x?

shogunn_general said...

anna : rasa cambes je makan kongsi ramai2 aritu hehe

razi : aku budak baik dowh haha >:D