Wednesday, April 7, 2010

..invaders must die..

I'm so tired. The classes are making me crazy. The traveling more so. Since its now spring time, the snow has almost all melted away. Thus, making way for wind and dust. Really, I feel like wanting to wear a mask to class, but then, this ain't Japan. Here in Moscow, people stare at you for different reasons. Mostly, for not looking like them.

"Why don't you be normal and wear simple and unstylish clothes like us?!?"

The Japanese really cares about hygiene.

You are welcomed anytime!

Ok, now that's too much, kitty.

The public transport here is ok. Though they painstakingly try to lengthen the lifespan of some of the buses, trams, metros. What? You can just paint it in another color and people will assume "oh fuck yeah we have a new bus! fucking ace!!" with glee, but really, who are you fooling? During my trips in Europe, I can't help but notice that Moscow is far behind in terms of the styling and exterior of its public transport. The service I admit is ok, but I think people will want to see something new. But then, perhaps they think that if it still work, why bother changing it? For the sake of safety concerns and CO2 emissions, and being an eyesore, thats why!

I'm using this old fart to go to class.

I'm using this to do my dirty deeds in Amsterdam. A fucking Mercedes-Benz.

Why am I so emo in this post? Facultative Therapy. But the lecturer is nice though. Guess I need more time off.