Friday, June 11, 2010

..the beautiful people..

Here is me, acting interested, with my sis.

9th June was my sister's birthday. She also studies in the same place as I am right now. I had some free time before my next exam (which is tomorrow btw =p) . I never had the time to properly celebrate her birthday before since I was always away from home, so I decided to show her that her bro is a decent guy. =D I didn't do much though, I don't really know what to give her as a present, as she's not the type who shops or drools about things, she's sort of a simpleton really. In the end I bought her cellphone accessories, a birthday card and a cake. She always throws these big surprises on her friends' birthday, but rarely do people appreciate what she did, thats what I always saw btw, as her bro. But maybe I dont know the real story, I guess? =) But she told her friends not to do anything on her birthday that day as they were in exam mode for the whole week, so as not to trouble them, so to speak.

When we were young.

So I did her a little surprise on midnight. Think she liked it, well I dont really know, I'm not a good planner. Later that evening after class, her mates came and threw her a little celebration. I'm glad you have good friends everywhere you are. So here goes, happy birthday Nadia! =D Oh, she's now 21 btw hehehe...


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

terima kasih abangku sayang.. =p p/s: i'm not yet ready to let u go to other people yet.. haha!!

ieQa sWetLuv said...

wahh bagusnya abang yang baik

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

tak sangka aku disebalik rupa tiada perasaan kau...kau seorang abang yang baik.meh ambik aku jadi adik angkat.hahaha

shogunn_general said...

nadia : haha aqib kn mmg abg yg baik, cuma jarang tunjuk je =p

ieqa : thank you =D

razi : ah buat ape aku nk amik bdk laki jd adik angkat haha