Saturday, June 26, 2010 hole sun..

Ah, my lovely hostel.

My roommate has gone back home. Soon, everyone in the room will be. And I'm stuck here until the 31st of July. WTF. Frankly, the exams wasn't too bad, but I think I could do better. But then, thinking about it again, all the exams were in Russian, so I decided to have a pat on my own back, and say "good job" to myself. The subjects were Facultative Surgery, Facultative Therapy, Neurosurgery + Neurology.

As you can see, I am actually enjoying myself. This was in spring though.

And finally I managed to finish everything on time. It was no mean feat. I struggled a lot, but I didn't gave up. Operative Surgery was the hardest of them all. So what now? I still have 5 weeks of practicals. My parents are coming to Russia, my dad has some work in St Petersburg. Guess I have to call home tomorrow. Its been awhile. I was never one that always call my parents at home, updating them on stuffs. I have a feeling my dad was also like that when he was young, heheh.

Just a memory of winter. This shit is dangerous. Seriously, Peter Wong Kit Yew can snowboard better than me.

The weather has been hot, sticky and choking. You know what I mean. In Malaysia its better, because the have proper fans on the ceilings, but here, just get ready to let your shirt stick to your body. I for one, am someone who sweats easily, so I kinda hate this situation. Yes the weather is nice for a walk, but I prefer spring time.

Exams are finished, now only got practicals to be done. I have so much free time. I guess I'll list what I should do :

1. Eat properly, gain some weight. I'm trying to reach 70kg, just like my roommate.
2. Top up my sleep. This I need the most.
3. Learn to cook new kinds of meals?
4. Clean the whole room.
5. Destroy all the cockroaches.
6. Try to catch up with the Bleach anime.
7. Promised to cook Nasi Goreng Pattaya for my groupmates when I finished Opexa exams.
8. Pay my nazar back home later.
9. Finish up all my spices and food.
10. Prepare stuffs for when my parents come to Russia.
11. Get to know my Russian groupmates better.
12. Speak better conversational Russian, without mistakes as possible.
13. Make the most of the practicals, try to be more active.
14. Watch and burn all the movies I've downloaded.
15. Make plans for my homecoming to Malaysia! =D
16. Learn the roads of Shah Alam, so that I wont get lost when seeing Miss Bubblegum.
17. Save money for iPod Touch.

So Moscow, now that I am in a holiday mode, what do you have to offer me? =)


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

congrats! you're officially a 5th year student! hehee.. ;)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...
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shogunn_general said...

anna : haha thanks. have to finish the lousy practicals though...