Wednesday, June 30, 2010

..don't stop, make it pop..

Holidays! Everyone loves it. Who in the world doesn't? But why the heck do I have to get stuck doing practicals in Moscow? For 6 damn weeks. But I'm looking at it on the bright side. I'm sure we'll get atleast something beneficial at the end of the day. I still hate it nevertheless. Its not really because I'm a foreigner, its more that the doctors dont really know what to do with us, even with their own Russian students. Most of them just go out lepak and smoke anyway.


- Briefing by my curator Dr. Misai Bodo2 Alang and the naughty librarian-looking Dr. Singa Betina.
- Fire, electric and emergency plan briefing. Almost fell asleep.
- Division of groups.
- I'm starting in the Surgical Department no.3.
- Went back by 1.30pm.


- 8.30am, doctor's round.
- Scribbled a bit on the patient's history.
- Observed the doctor cleaning post-operative wounds and rebandaging. Boring.
- Finished the day at 3.45pm. Tired!

Well those are only a small bit of what I did during my first week of practicals. I'm sure I learned atleast something, perhaps how to speak Russian fluently? I hope so. I'm now trying to download as much movies as possible. Just to make a collection for my dad at home.

I'm planning to overhaul my room here in Moscow a bit. The kitchen/corridor looks horrible, dark and dirty. I'm trying to do something about the cracked floor, maybe patch it up a bit.

Anyway, since its holiday time, lets just enjoy and embrace it. Like this song from Ke$ha for example, Tik Tok.


Han Hebat said...

Ohhh fuck!
aku benci perkataan tu!
smlm aku bwat keje gler
popping out aku nye blackheard (1st time)
skang ade bruise bentuk ring sebesar biji peas! F! F! F!
aku malas gler nak klua rumah

Han Hebat said...


Han Hebat said...



shogunn_general said...

azam : ceh. suro la org pro yg tolong buatkan, pegila beauty salun buat facial haha >;D