Tuesday, June 1, 2010

..every day is exactly the same..

I'm exaggerating a bit.

Getting sick always sucks. I'm a bad patient. I tend to ignore all my bodily grievance and warnings they send to my brain. Feel a bit dizzy? Sensing that I have flu coming? No problem, lets get out in the rain, jalan2. Better yet, play futsal, to, well, get sweaty and stuff. Today in class, the lecturer asked me :

Dr. S.S Chakvetadze "Chuck" : What the heck happened to you?

Diligent student "Naqqib" : I have the flu, sir.

Dr. Chuck : Then what are you doing in my class? How dare you not wearing a mask? Wanting to spread the disease to my other precious students I see??

Naqqib : No sir, don't worry, I already rest abit and took medication. See, I feel better today. I took Theraflu, blablabla...*trying to goreng the conversation*

Dr Chuck : *surprised* Really? But you didnt really score in our class's topic of "Flu" that day didnt you? Oh well. Just kidding. Lets start the class.

Naqqib : *felt abit down hearing about the ugly truth* Adoi...

The weather and stress is driving me nuts.

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