Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Lectures aren't always interesting, I must admit.

Today is the last class of my 4th year. After this, we'll be having a study week, well, so-called study week since its gonna be just 4 days before our Therapy exams. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this, but I'm sure as hell am going to give my best. My poor body condition aside, I know I have enough notes, books and revision materials to get through. I'm not getting my hopes too high though.

Waiting for the tram to the Therapy class.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning, since I slept early last night, boiled hot water so that I can bath and ease my mind going to class. Realized that I have sore throat and worse, sputum. I guess those stupid Streptococcae has already localized in my respiratory tract, so thats no cold water drinks for me for a couple of days. I still have the headache but what can I do, I have to go to class to get my credits, or else I'm not allowed to sit for my exams.

I kinda miss this stupid little cat.

The roomate has been studying like crazy, I think his exams would be this Friday if I'm no mistaken. What a far cry from me. I've been watching jdorama and busy walking around, well, I think I have to be better than that. Today is gonna be the day that I'm going to go all out on my lovely study materials.

Ok, have to go to class. Cheers.

Eh by the way I'm thinking of getting myself an iPod Touch, what do you guys think?


cracked bunny said...


ps; why is it im writing in capital?

shogunn_general said...

because u are a shopaholic. a proven one too.