Monday, July 19, 2010

..KL Drift Evolution..

So yesterday in my boredness, I've watched 2 Malaysian movies, Evolusi KL Drift and Evolusi KL Drift 2, just to know what the heck it is about. I'm a big fan of racing, I love Formula1, rally cars, and the manga Initial D. I even watched the Hongkong movie of Initial D alone in the cinema. But I'm not a motorhead, I dont really know what to deal with my car if it breaks down, I just know how to drive it, like a normal person would. EKD and EKD2 was quite fun to watch, but the acting was only just bearable, urgh. Here's the pro's and con's.

What I like about it :

1. I would obviously love to support Malaysian movies.
2. Especially if it has big budgets like these 2 movies.
3. Its nice to see a Malaysian movie with loads of cool drift cars in it.
4. Iqram Dinzly and Shaheizy Sam managed to look like maniacs and able lieutenants.
5. Aaron Aziz was very taiko like.
6. Theres a clubbing scene with hot chicks in EKD, sadly, as it was at a club, theres not much light.
7. Good to see some racing in Putrajaya. I always liked the wide roads and scene at night.
8. Scha Al-Yahya is cute.
9. The only good actors in these movies are Aaron Aziz and Farid Kamil. The rest are add ons.
10. Cops also knows how to drift! I respect Remy Ishak's character. I wish every cop was like him. Theres no need for that moustache though.
11. A character died in EKD, with my friends' name, Razi, hahaha.
12. The racing in the streets of KL was more believable, unlike Impak Maksima.
13. Good to see that the hero in this movie tries his hardest not to let people sell drugs at his place.

What I dont like about it :

1. I'd like to see it more realistically, whats wrong with having a Wira or any other national cars?
2. KL is supposed to be full of Mat Rempit, where are they when they were street racing?
3. I hate Fasha Sandha's corn row hair.
4. I hate how Shaheizy Sam and Aaron Aziz puts chinese slang in their Malay conversations.
5. Too much exposure of their sponsor, Toyo Tires in the beginning of EKD2. Its called product placement.
6. I would like to see more of Farid Kamil helping his friend in EKD2, instead they made him unable even to drive.
7. Syamsul should stick to directing, not really acting in his own movies.
8. Need more hot chicks.
9. Malaysian street racers dont use NOS?
10. If Remy Ishak's police drift car had blue police lights it would be more awesome.
11. Instead of crying and sobbing, Syamsul should call the ambulance when Scha was dying.
12. Its funny when they raced in all kinds of places, theres no toll booths.
13. Lets see them drifting in the highway roads up to Cameron Highland or Genting Highland.
14. Please use actors that can really act.

All in all, I give the movies 3 out of 5, because Malaysia need more action-packed movies instead of cheap horror flicks and stupid comedy stuffs. Later I'll review a more interesting movie, Budak Kelantan.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

diorang mmg dengki aku kan?dah la watak gua mekanik bodo jer.tensen btol.

shogunn_general said...

haha okla tu ada jugak nama ko kan

edd faLco said...

mmm...actiond packd...
im in the process of makin' one. haaa, nvr choreographd fight scenes b4... wish luck upon me, aka pray 4 sukses