Monday, July 12, 2010 top 10 bookmarked websites..

10. The Star

My first click if I want to know stuffs in Malaysia and keep me posted on things. Yes, there are a lot of ads and other random stuffs, but The Star could fill me in nicely.

9. Livescore

Everytime theres EPL or any other friendlies, Livescore is the place to go. The results are faster than watching a game by streaming.

8. Youtube

What can you say? Almost all mainstream videos can be seen here. But the security is very tight though. What a kill-joy.

7. Cracked

If you want light reading, with a lot of comedy, plus interesting facts, Cracked is the place to go. Cracked never fails to make me laugh.

6. ESPN Soccernet

Whenever I open my internet browser, Soccernet is a must place to go. Its official, but sometimes the news are fishy (I'm talking to you Harry Harris). The news is a bit dreary but its ok.

5. Blogger

Well, obviously, since I am a blogger. Its fun to see the blogs of other people, without the need to actually interact or see them hehe. Its the cyber era.

4. Football365

Well what can you say, I'm a football junkie of course! =D Football365 offers news with an informal twist, unlike Soccernet. F365 is a bit light on the news and they can afford to crack some jokes.

3. Planetf1

With that said, I'm also an F1 junkie! Hehe. Planetf1 is the sister site of F365, so you do know what to expect.

2. Footytube

Always patiently waiting for EPL or other football matches to be uploaded at Footytube. You have to be fast though, because the authorities will quickly delete the videos. Jerks.

1. Facebook

This is a no brainer. =p

Honorable mentions, ESPNf1, Complex, Vigilantcitizen, EZTV, the Piratebay, Isohunt, Twitter, Maybank2u, Izyan, ATDHE, Wikipedia.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Izyan tue laman web apa?

Ada byk lagi kau lupa sebut nie.Hahaha.

shogunn_general said...

IZyan tu laman web gosip2 artis. Banyak citer gampang pasal artis ade kt situ hahaha bes2. Ada lagi ke aku lupa sebut?hahaha

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

naqqib.. bile blk msia?

shogunn_general said...

balik malaysia? 31st, but hopefully earlier.. =p