Tuesday, August 24, 2010

..a faint smile..

I've watched so many movies in just so many days. But its all good, because it is just one of the ways for me to stay close with my friends, maybe have a talk or laughter after watching a movie, you know, doing silly stuffs. Here's what I've already watched :

1. Predators.
2. The Last Airbender.
3. Inception.
4. The Expendables.
5. Despicable Me.
6. RepoMen.
7. Salt.

And I watched Inception twice. Because its awesome. Well no actually because I was going out with different friends, and they haven't watched it yet.

For an unlucky guy like me, it sometimes is funny hearing stories from old friends about their lives, yet, insightful. It pains to see that a girl you like so much, but you could not have for whatever reasons, get dumped by guys every time. I mean, whats the big deal? She's cool, she's smart, kinda cute in the looks department, likes to talk a lot, funny and cheerful. Although I don't really put any hopes on her now, but we're kinda like good friends, so we talk a lot about ourselves, and our lives. I mean, I got rejected by her, but the ones that do already have her, acts like she's not a big deal. What the fuck. I feel sorry though. But the be fair, I don't really know exactly the big deal, I don't know both sides of the story. Maybe she's too queen control, maybe she's too jealous, but I'm not taking any side, but I think that guy is an idiot. He don't know her like I do, and I don't think he makes an effort like I did.

To be honest, I'm not supposed to talk about other people's crap, but I just feel sorry for her. It is a private matter, but I don't think she reads my blog anyway. She never mentioned about it, so I think its cool. No I really hope she didn't read my blog. But since its my blog, I'm entitled to say whatever I have in my mind. And for her, I wish her happiness in life.

As for Miss Bubblegum, you too! =)


Anonymous said...

thanks,u too mr doc=)

Han Hebat said...

ape yg aku sedar,
susah and kebanyakannye,
yang kite nak mesti x dapat. :/

aku paham perasaan,
"wtf that dude.., punye susah aku nak try x dpt2, die ley je wat cmtu",
tp ikut kata kakak aku yg experience couple die yg lagi byk,
"ape ley wat, xde jodoh.."
trus terdiam aku lol..

tapi aku terpikir gak,
mana ko tau tu jodoh ko cemtu kan?
aleh2 tiba2 kuasa tuhan die datang balik kat ko nex year ke :P

pepehal pun kita chill lagi setahun sblum aku grad. hehe :D
ade teman aku nak main fm.

shogunn_general said...

@balqis : =)

@azzam : tu ah. untuk loser macam ktorg, nk buat cmner. chill la kan, x sabar aku nk blah dr rusia ni haha...

Han Hebat said...

jgn kata loser.
x cool,
'loser' x cute pun bagi prmpuan,
loser bunyik cam xde confident

better word - unskillful.

aku x loser, still ade prompuan dtg kat aku,
cuma aku je yg memilih..
xkan x memilih kan? prompuan pun memilih :P

shogunn_general said...
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shogunn_general said...

@azzam : haha btul kata ko. loser is too low. maybe bagi ko unskillful, tapi bagi aku awkward atau maybe unlucky. tapi member aku cakap, confidence mesti ada, itu mmg wajib.

memilih tu mmg betul jugak :D