Thursday, August 26, 2010

..I'm happy you said yes..

Then, it hits me like a train. I'm 24, without assets, or ambition. To be honest, I only have RM100 or something left in my Maybank account. What does this mean? Am I reckless? A big spender? I don't think I'm lavish. I can have all I want by just asking, but rarely I did. So I had this conversation with my school friend and neighbor Johan Vanhaecke who's doing his second degree in Business I think in HELP College University, and asked about financial advice. I like to talk with him a lot about many stuffs, because like me, he's also still a student, and like me, he's single. Although he chose to be, haha.

This is also a conversation that I had with another friend, who although I don't need to tell her name, she was the girl in the post before this one. I'm giving you guys an insight, I'm actually privately funded, by my mom and dad, and I am not studying under a scholarship. That gives me a horrendous amount of pressure to succeed and give back whatever they want. So my dad gives me allowances every month without fail. Starting from now, I'm going to save about 1/3 of my allowance every month, and that is a big deal for me. Living in Moscow, you need to prepare yourself for everything. And I think this means going to the pasar for me or something like that. I still have 2 years before I graduate. And if I can save my money without any problems until 2012, it is highly probable that I don't need any pocket money anymore from my parents when I graduate.

As adults, we need to have plans and goals. We cant really live for the moment, or having a fool's dream. We have to work for it. I did my research, and by that I mean surfing around other blogs and googling around. For fresh graduating doctors, or houseman, the JPA states that gaji bersih is around RM2500. This does not include others like allowances and on calls, which means the pay will get higher. I'm not complaining. If I'm not mistaken, post-graduates doctors in Russia has to pay the hospital to employ them so that they can finish their mandatory 2 years housemanship. How about that?

So anyway, when I graduate in 2012, I'm thinking of just using my dad's Toyota Corolla for a couple of years more, rent a house and live alone not far from the hospital. I try not to have a roommate for privacy reasons. Finish my housemanship in 2 years time and I hope to get settled by then. Maybe starting a family, but hey, you have to get a job first too right? I guess my dad already pushed me to stay in the government sector, and I'm just returning the favor.

As for Azzam, nantila aku cerita kat kau kat Moscow nanti. Boys talk. Haha. =D


Blood Seeker said...

Govt doctor only RM2500 belaja susah2? Medical/ Environmental health officer also same amount....why same when workload is clearly different?

I dont understand malaysian wage schemes, man

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

alar.. azzam je ke? na tau gak! lol!

shogunn_general said...

@hafiz : yeah..macam tu la..workload mmg banyak, expectations tinggi, service pulak kne bagi dengan penuh mesra dan senyuman..

@anna : my dirty little secret. hehe