Saturday, September 4, 2010

...are you that busy?..

My sister went first.

Don't you hate it when people never reply your text messages? Or any kind of messages. Especially if he or she is someone close to you. I fucking hate it. Yeah, you better have a nice set of excuses to make little girl.

The journey back to Moscow was lame, almost uneventful. The plane from KL to Dubai was ok, but the seats, leaves much to think with. It is so damn crammed. I was flanked by 2 girls, one, a Nigerian who was on her way to study in Toronto, Canada. Another was a budding medic student, accompanied by her mother on their way to Birmingham, England. Strangely enough, I was drawn into a conversation by them first. Because you know, I have really really bad social skills. The Nigerian just asked me random questions, maybe because she was bored or anything. Interestingly, she put on a winter coat complete with fluffy animal fur on her body. I guess it was cold in the flight. On the other hand, I had a good talk with Dashini, who said that it was going to be her first time away from home, much so, in England, which was why she brought her mum for the trip.

Didn't sleep very well in the flight, my neck aches and I think I smell a bit. Good thing I've cut my hair short, so at least I will look good. I was so tired that I slept alone with my hand carry luggage and laptop at the Dubai Airport, plus I was hungry. The trip from Dubai to Moscow was better. I had ample space for my legs, as my seat was near the exit door. Then a stewardess asked me if I was from Indonesia (they always ask if I'm from Indonesia, because of the facial structure and skin complexion). I said no, I'm from Malaysia. Then she said wow, I just came from KL, such a nice place, good food, ate lots of stuff. I also asked her how her stay in KL was, if it was ok or not. Pretty cheerful stewardess I must say. Then I asked where she was from, because she looked distinctively Chinese or Vietnamese, then she said that she was from Bangkok, which explains a lot. I borrowed a pen from her, as I need one to fill in my Immigration form. I forgot to return the pen though. Well I just assume that its a little present from her. =)

Hungry..what to cook for tonight? Maybe a pack of Brahim's again.

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