Saturday, September 11, 2010

..happy birthday..

Firstly I should say, selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir batin, to all those who know me. Nothing much I can say, except that I spend my first day of raya in the hospital. An infectious disease's hospital rather. And its pretty damn far too. Here, I took the liberty to MS Paint the Moscow Metro map.

Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes of public transport journey.

The class itself was quite ok, nothing stressful. Yet. I expect much from next week. And it gives me the chills. And you know what else gives me the chills? That I'm just 1 and a half year from graduating. Am I ready enough? Do I have enough experience? Do I have what it takes? Sure, we learn 6 years of medicine here, but its different in the real world. And reality is cruel. Its a bit of dilemma, you know. In one part, you want to finish your studies as fast as possible. In another part, you are really gonna miss being a student, and doing all crazy things and shit.

For now, my main motivation, is for my family, and myself. My dad sacrificed a lot for us, so does my mum. And I am just doing whatever I can. So what about my raya in 2010? Boring as hell. This was my last raya in Moscow. Next year I'll be celebrating raya in Malaysia during the holidays, insyaAllah. Being in Moscow is killing me. It sucks all my emotions and feelings out. So, I tend to release all my tensions, and do all those crazy stuffs with my friends during my holidays in Malaysia. And boy it feels so good.

And not forgetting, happy birthday to my mum, Saadah Haji Jaffar, the best mum ever! Whenever I ask about pocket money, she can never say no, hehe. So well yeah, I'm mummy's boy.