Saturday, September 25, 2010 and cold..

Started a new cycle this week, Gynecology. It was interesting, the lecturers were young and nice, so far apart from my lecturers during my last cycle, Infectious Diseases/Epidemiology. So, everyday we had the chance to see how they perform hysterectoscopy, which I tell you, isn't really pleasant. Anyway, one of my lecturer has an iPhone 4, which is kinda cool.

Russian President and Apple CEO looking kinda douche.

The weather has been ever changing here in Moscow. Take one situation. So you're late for class. Damn it I have to get ready real fast! So you bath the obligatory 5-10 minutes. And then it hits you. What the fuck am I going to wear today? Jeans or khakis, t-shirt, normal sneakers, but which jacket? Ahaa, its 9'C I see on my weather forecast, for sure its gonna be cold here in freaking Moscow. So I took my heavy and thick jacket, plus a scarf just for measure.

5 minutes later in the Metro...its hot!!!! Why, don't they have any air ventilation here in the train? I was like sweating, and the Russians don't even flinch. What are their skin made of? I guess maybe my metabolic rate is higher than most people, which is why I am skinny? Not really absurd.

Lots of open houses this weekend in my hostel. I'm really looking forward to it. Hey, don't we have any football training this weekend? But my ankle kinda hurts still..The initial pain is gone, but whenever I land heavily on my left ankle, it sucks. Hanhebat says the lunch set in Pizza Hut near Metro Tretyakovskaya is superb. Gotta check that out.

Damn hungry weyy.

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