Monday, September 20, 2010

..dream cars. more like, affordable cars..

I'm a realist. I wont huff and puff unless I know that I am going to get some. I rarely set my aim high, or dream of getting cool stuffs. Because I know it is out of my league. But anyway, to each, his own, right? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you should set your aim higher, and not just settle for puny menial stuffs.

As much as I like cars like Lotus, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Bentley, Maybach or so on, I know that my chance of getting one is but a slim chance. I might as well get myself a house in some urban areas around KL for the price of one of those cars. But here are some cool, affordable, stylish and hip cars for the young adults like us. All these cars are now available in Malaysia, and they all fall around the RM 100,000 or below category. Check it out.

Chevrolet Cruze.

Toyota Corolla Altis.

Kia Forte.

Honda City.

Mazda 2.

All are using 1.5 or 1.6L engines, meaning, with RM70 or so, you'll have a full tank. And as you guys have already noticed, all are saloon cars, more like family cars, but they have a bit of an edge in the styling department. Unfortunately, due to high taxes on imported and foreign brand cars, we don't really have much choice in getting the best in what we want. For me personally, I would very much own an Audi, but I guess I have to wait for that until I am more stable financially, or maybe when I'm into my 40's.

So, which car do you guys like? Hey, you gotta be realistic too ok.

Oh and another thing, I care very much about the car safety and airbags and all those stuffs. I experienced it. So I know about it.


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Proton sudeyh... i like satria neo.. ;D

shogunn_general said...

Satria Neo ok jugak.. :)

Han Hebat said...

target aku,
bmw 5 series, x pun paling koman 3 series!
tp xde limit umur bila ley dpt hoho,
lg muda lagi bagus,
ley ngorat aweks :P

shogunn_general said...

haha...nanti tingkap kereta aku nak tinted.. baru cool =p

Han Hebat said...

ke tinted so org luar x nmpk,
ape buat kat dalam

shogunn_general said...

zzZZ..sudah gaharu cendana pula... =.=