Friday, October 15, 2010 you hell..

Damn it. I'm a player to watch? Who's idea was that?

I'm a simplistic guy who doesnt like expectations. Why this!! =.= '

I think I'm gonna be nervous as hell and play like shit in from of all the supporters tomorrow night. Lets hope I don't.

Jebat FC. I'm the dude with the stupid grin , standing far right.

A friend said my name was awesome. Thats kinda nice from her. And I feel good already. :)


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

wahhh! jadi players to watch! u must have some skillz.. sorry la jarang pergi tgk rfl.. good luck for tonight! ;))

ps: naqqib is a nice name.. ;)

shogunn_general said...

hehe takdelah. i just run more than other people, pushing my limits.

yeke naqqib is a nice name? thx! =D