Thursday, October 21, 2010

..internet. connecting people..

Connecting people.

I had 2 days without internet. 2 fucking days. Thats a lot in Russian time. If I was in Malaysia, like during the holidays, I dont give a crap. I'm not really online much when I'm in Malaysia, so I dont really care. But in Russia, if you don't have internet, you are not connected to the world, or any people, at all. Sounds like I'm exaggerating, but its for real man. Malaysian students here can go crazy without internet. They are even willing to go through heavy snow and blizzard, with conditions of -10'C just to go to the internet company to complain why the hell their internet connection have been compromised. Its true. So hey, what did I do to spend my lousy 2 days without internet? Lets see.


Studying a bit more than I usually do. =p

Takdela study apa sangat pun. I don't really have class on the next day, just lectures. So I was just having light reading and preparing for my presentation on Hypothyroidism. I'm having Pediatrics now, and the lecturer seems kinda strict. Since there was no internet connection, I just have to resort to the usual old school (hehe) books and notes. My roomate was also the same, tapi dia lagi rajin daripada aku pun selalunya (ulat buku).


Watching X-files.

I used to be scared shitless every Wednesday night watching X-Files. Dah tau takut nak tengok jugak. I just finished downloading the full first season of X-Files. Its like back to the future you know. Yela, dapat tengok stail baju masa 90-an dulu, ada span kat bahu hehe. I can already sense a good chemistry between Mulder and Scully. The storyline was okla. So when I have nothing to do since the internet was gone, it was the perfect time to face my demons.


Watching Jaden Smith's Karate Kid.

Should have been called Kungfu Kid though. This kid got sixpacks weii, damn! The storyline of course follows a bit like the original Mr Miyagi's Karate Kid la, but Jackie Chan was ok. Oh and the amoi was kinda cute :)

This is she and the bully dude. Hey bully dude's got some nice kungfu moves, not bad eh.

Playing Football Manager 2010.

I usually try to avoid playing this game because I can get easily addicted with it. I once was scolded by my ex because I was late fetching her, all because I was stuck with this game hehe. Now I'm using Ajax Amsterdam in the Dutch League, and I feel kinda awesome, as you can see in the table above :)


Watching Piranha 3D, but not in 3D... :(

Damn it I should have watch this in Malaysia in 3D la of course. Tapi aku rasa kalau kat Malaysia mesti dah banyak kena potong haha.. There's so much of those "Spring Break" scenes, falling bras, wet tshirts, you name it. I cant quite say its scary, because the scene was so bright and colorful, kinda like watching Narnia. What I can say is, dont watch this movie with your family, ok? :D

So, thats pretty much what I've done to kill my boredom. There are other stuffs, but I think those are just menial and petty. Usually I dont care much if I dont have internet connection for awhile, but for some reason, I went a bit mental la pulak. Is it because I've using Twitter a bit much lately? Or is it for any certain reason? Hmmm....


Farra Muneera said...

Yes. Because now you know how to use TweetDeck! hehehehehehe ;D

shogunn_general said...

sorry for the language, hehe =p ah, tula, Tweetdeck sgt cool, thanks for teaching me yeah :D