Saturday, October 23, 2010 I met your mother..


1. Low self esteem. Damn it.

2. No confidence. Did I get this from my dad?

3. Less smile. Hey my smile is golden,ok? :)

4. Not really outstanding. I was always like the guy who sits in the shadows, minding my own business.

5. Not good looking. I would say I sometimes look good when I have a good hair day. Acceptable?

6. Not good in words. I don't really know the art of "ayat2 manis".

7. Does not argue much. I always let everything slide. Yeah I know, its not good for my mental state.

8. Almost never comb my hair? xD Pfft..students..

9. Never smooth with the ladies. *sigh*

10. Never that friendly with guys as well. Did you guys watch "I Love You,Man" ?

11. My younger cousins likes to tease me alot. One time, she even asked me if I'm gay (I was like wtf!!!!!!!??) because she said I never really talked to her much. Really? Is me not talking to you really a problem? But I'm ok with her now by the way :) And no one ever really asked me that weird question.

So that was a short biography. Nite folks.

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