Monday, October 11, 2010

..the volcano erupts..

And my head goes boom.

I'm sick and tired of this shithole of a place. The food is terrible. The people are arrogant assholes, right from their children, to the makcik, nenek and atuk. The language is damn hard to learn. We can't cook in our block anymore. The lecturers are picky and only likes the kaki bodek ones. First impression matters the most. If you make a stupid mistake in the first time, then expect to be labeled a target and being pick on the most by the lecturer. Bribing? Well, what can I say. I don't want to talk about that. Honestly, I don't really think they give a damn about our rights or well-being. Hostel contract? University contract? All in their language. And nobody even care to at-least translate it for us, or maybe hire a lawyer to represent us, in case we were being mislead or some sort. We cant have a special room for our prayers. The militsiya is always checking and picks on us, wanting to see documents, passports, or maybe expecting something else. And the internet? Well we already had good internet in the first place, the service was good. If we have any problem, with just a phone call, the technician will come and fix the line. But now the uni wants to monopolise the internet also. And so they gave this piece of shit they called iWave internet. Which every 15 minutes or so goes offline online, and what the hell man, I'm not using wifi, so its supposed to be stable. So ok, a year and a half left living in this dump. Perseverance, right.

Oh but thank God for this.

Maria Sharapova. Scream Queen. Damn it even the legs are too good for this picture, it goes on forever.


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

makes me wonder. would we miss this shithole once we're out of this place?

shogunn_general said...

only because of the time I've spent with my dear friends. =)