Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Now, everyone likes sleeping, right? I mean, the chance to rest your eyes, body and soul, and fly away in your dreams, like nothing else matters. As for me, I'm ok with sleeping, but I'm not really hardcore. I have a doubledeck bed, and mine is the upper one, so I'm not really eager to go sleeping everytime I have some spare time. There are conditions though, where I just cannot stand, and I automatically fall asleep.

In the class room.

In the car. Not while driving ok.

Solat Jumaat =p

In the metro.

In the lecture hall.

This was the hardest, while studying on your own.

Having said that, we all need a good sleep and plentiful of rest, especially with the coming exams. So, study smart and try to steal some time for that extra sleep =p

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