Thursday, December 23, 2010

..over my head..

Introducing the Philips SHP 1900 headphones. I've been wanting to get a new headphone for a while now, since the one that I inherited from the roommate has started to get cracking noises. It has given me excellent service while it still lasts by the way.

It went into production since 2007, so its been out for awhile now. The rating is 7.3 out of 10, not bad for a 283 rubles headphone. Last time I checked, it was 262 rubles. So I have to act quick. The ideal time is going after my class at the hospital ends tomorrow, and since its a Friday, its no big deal.

So, off to Metro Avtozavodskaya then, where the shop is located. Tired. Gonna sleep now. Toodles.


edd faLco said...

whot, was that it?
i needed new headphones once, coz my loyal somic ones dropped dead after 4yrs. bought a new pair and its shyte. so i still need new ones.

shogunn_general said...

the reviews was moderate on this one..but if you want to go cheapo but with a brand, this is it. if you are hardcore on gadgets and stuffs, it'll be better to invest in brands like sennheiser or something.but hey, what do i know, i'm a gadget noob :D