Sunday, December 5, 2010

..Interbatch Games..

Tug of War team. Champions!

That's my lucky shirt ;D

Gentle giant, Amirin Zarif.

Our batch rocks!

But of course, handball champions! ;)

How long has it been? I simply don't have much time for myself anymore. The weather is killing me. -20'C, and even lower. How is that even possible? Anyway, I am surviving Russia, and that is no mean feat. Yesterday was a fun day. The RSMU Malaysian students' Interbatch Games were held. I joined my batch's futsal and handball team. I even scored 3 goals. How's that? Haha. If I had a girlfriend I would surely dedicate my goals to her hehe. I think I was a bit over the edge and cocky when celebrating the goals. But hell I don't care, I work my ass off to get those goals. But in the end our team could only get second last....We had fun though, and I'm glad the guys weren't complaining.

As for the handball team, we were crowned champions! I didnt score, just running around, defending and stuffs. I was even accidentally punched in the face by a junior. No big deal, its sports. Credits to the hardworking Kumarendran S.Kanesan (Kumen) and Jivan Latif (Jivan) and Yumnesh. They really worked their socks off. So my Saturday ended just like that. But it was fun. =)

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