Friday, November 26, 2010

...dream within a dream..

Ahh..such nice dreams I had yesterday. Couldn't really remember what, because its a dream, I was just suddenly in the middle of it, sort of like Inception. I really like that movie, because in some way, it makes sense. In some way lah.

Zero gravity fight scene is awesome!

Have been paying people to cook for me for this month, but unfortunately they will not take any orders anymore starting from December, because you know, class finally caught on to them, and they have lots of things to do. I can understand, we have only 1 month or so left before our winter exams, and we need time to prepare and study. So I have to start cooking again, and so my random pick of cuisine will start again. Sambal telur, kurma telur, sambal seafood campur, telur masak kicap. I'm lazy. But I need to eat nasi and lauk berkuah somehow, and I don't really like eating out. Bukannya kenyang pun, and always its not really worth it.

Therapy class was killing me. It still is! I had stress for 2 whole weeks.

Its finally weekend, and finally I can blog something. Well, I'm gonna watch Toy Story 3 now since I'm already up. Oh, random fact, I actually am ok with horror movies, I just don't like the part when they cut the limbs or korek mata or eating someone's shit continually (The Human Centipede). I don't, ok >;( Here's to a good weekend.


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

0mg! I actually puked while watching that movie.. tak tgk sampai habis pon.. tgk sampai die tunjuk plan how to cut and paste their butt and mouth together... erkk!

oh shit.. gonna go puke now! >.<

shogunn_general said...

haha really? even the slightest though of it makes me wanna puke also..try watch old dogs, the sorcerer's apprentice and land of the lost. i watched them all during these weekend. bes gila! ;D