Friday, January 14, 2011

..lets makan..

After a tiring futsal session, ended at around 11.30pm, which I am actually pissed off with the rather lackluster performance of some of my teammates, I rewarded myself with a healthy dose of dinner, at 1.30am. Yes, my biological clock is now fucked up, and I really want to wake up early during these study weeks, but the earliest that I could was at 10am. Without using an alarm clock mind you. So hey, lets see what I have in my camera.

Nasi Goreng Paprik.

Awesome chocolate cake. This was at Starbucks some time ago.

Chocolate donut, large fries, fish burger and medium orange fanta, after coming back from class.


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

eh. donut tu beli kat mana?

shogunn_general said...

donut tu? kat Quick Burger tu jugakla. kalo x silap, 50 ruble :D