Saturday, August 13, 2011

..Sunday slumber..

I couldn’t sleep just now. Maybe because my stomach was still full after sahur, maybe because I watched an episode of Criminal Minds, maybe because I just had iced coffee. Seems that there has been a lot of contributing factors. Whatever. Time just happened to pass by. People come and go. Me, I’ve been lucky that I always had a bunch of friends when I needed them. I am what people call, an introverted kind of person, someone who seems passive, not overwhelming, and seemingly not friendly. I don’t need to be. I have the best bunch of buddies that I need.

Hanhebat was an awesome friend and roommate, smart, athletic, good sense of dress, damn tall for a Malay, had just graduated and has finally now found his significant other. On the other side of things, he seemed disinterested in attending mundane functions, doesn’t do much of getting out of the room, doesn’t do things out of the ordinary, but basically if that certain activity doesn’t involve much of his buddies, he couldn’t care less. Pretty much sounds like me, haha but I’d like to think that I’m much more of an outdoor person than he is.

So that’s one of the example of my friends. We tend to choose friends that we can relate to, who can just hear patiently to whatever crap we talk about. Its never a question of how many friends we have, it’s the matter of quality. I always think I have the best bunch of buddies in the world, who shapes me to what I am today. Granted, I don’t have a significant other, but that special someone would someday appear in front me. Don’t get me wrong, we do have to work to get what we want, so I’m just saying that out of context. Whats wrong with being choosy right? I think I’m a swell guy by the way hehe :D

Anyway, that’s not what I’m concentrating for at the moment. In about less than a year’s time, I’m about to graduate and enter the life of a mundane government worker. Government worker eh, doesn’t sound too bad, except for the part where I have to work 90 hours a week. All the big names and old doctors says that we complain for working too much, whereas when they were in their youth, they work more hours than today’s fresh grads. But personally for me, the mentality has changed much now. People used to respect the work and professions of others, respect them for what they are doing, be it teachers, doctors, policemen. They appreciate that these guys are working hard, giving all they’ve got. How about now? Do they even stop and think, appreciate? All they know is , complaining and complaining, and trying to find the bad in everything we do. A little appreciation and acknowledgement goes a long way you know, it never hurts. Parents who scolds teachers for smacking their kids, while actually the brats were at fault. Relatives or patients who cannot understand why somehow the doctors look lackadaisical and uninterested in doing their job right. Come on, just stop and think.

Yeah I think it’s the coffee. Bloody hell. Oh well, good morning, Sunday.

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