Friday, September 16, 2011

..Pretty Little Liars..

 Isnt she just adorable? And deadly too. I have my own version.

1 year has passed me by, and I'm currently in my 6th year of studies, and my 7th year of living in Moscow. My summer holidays was a bunch of mixed experience, but I guessed you could've just known that from viewing through my facebook albums and its many pictures. Only this time, I spent more time with the dudes, spending quality bromance time, to tell it more bluntly. I'm bitterly frustrated at not getting to be my mate Syamil's best man, as the wedding was postponed for a week after I was gone to Moscow. Sad, but he kinda promised to be my best man anytime soon. Weird. Arent married people not supposed to be best man? lol I'm not too sure about that anyway. Plus in any case, I got so many people on my mind on who is going to be my best dude. But lets not talk about it yet now shall we? =)

My only regret was not getting to see her for the last time before I flew away to Moscow. I thought she was already back from kampung when the day comes for me to fly but I was mistaken. Maybe the next time I'll see her again next year, she'll be married to some douche bag who doesn't know how to appreciate her as she is. Which is my biggest regret really. But you know, shit like these happens. It hurts me the most because she was my first, which in all respect I should have forgotten about her by now after almost 8 years. But she has this thing, like an invisible chain around my neck, with her sympathetic stories and such, and I'm such a sucker for that. But the marrying thing is normal I suppose. Most of my crushes and scandals *coughs* are already married or currently engaged. Good for them, since we are already 25 years old, and not 25 years young. Get it? =D

Moscow greeted me with her typical cold and harshness when I arrived at the Domodedovo International Airport by Emirates Airlines. I got ripped by fucking airport taxi, but that was to be expected. The lecturers were nice and negotiable for the first few cycles, so there were no problems for me. I moved to another room, since Hanhebat already graduated and I fear that some stinky caucasian guy will come and live with me, so I went to Shazli and Prem's room instead for refuge. The first few days was abit hard trying to rearrange my stuffs and the things Hanhebat left behind, so I took a couple of day to readjust to my new surroundings. I like the new room, its cosy, I live with 2 other people, so I suppose I will talk much more rather than just with 1 dude like Hanhebat lol.


edd faLco said...

with all of our friends growing up and getting married i do kinda feel left out but at the same time...
i think i have commitment issues.. bwaaahahaha!!

shogunn_general said...

haha oh well it seems that you are coping well enough. proceed with your awesomeness