Saturday, June 9, 2012

..the Naked Chef..

   Besides being a student or whatnot here in Russia, I'm also moonlighting as a damn chef. What can I say? I can't really eat out all the time, I have a tight budget here. Plus the food here in Moscow aren't exactly tasty. They taste like crap, but what other choices do we have? Sometimes I do eat out, like 4 or 5 times a month, but maybe more if I'm lazy.

So far Burger King is the most satisfying fast food of all.

Fish King, some onion rings and a big ass cup of Sprite.

This meanwhile, is the Italian fast food eatery, Sbarro. Strangely enough, they're not found when I went to Rome and Venice.
This is not a buffet. Sigh. Tak menyelerakan langsung :(
This is Livan House (Lebanese House). Everything is halal, but the price are steep, jadi bila awal2 bulan jela mampu datang makan kat sini hehe.
So in the end, it is much cheaper and satisfying for me to cook myself. This here is a pathetic take of my version of a nasi lemak, with fish burger fillet, sambal ikan bilis and telur goreng.

Trying a rice-less diet. Scrambled eggs, with tomyam potatoes mixed with mushrooms. I know it sounds and looks disgusting, but they're pretty awesome. Tasted ok too! :D

So there you go folks, some of the things that I cook here. Because my mum kept asking do I really need that much rempah ratus or whatnot to bring to Moscow? Kat Malaysia kau ni asyik lepak kedai mamak je dengan Johan. Tak pernah pun mak nampak kau masak. Well mum, there you have it. I do really need my treasured spices to cook here. And as you can see, I don't really care how I cook it. Asalkan kenyang jadi lah kan?

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