Tuesday, August 14, 2012

..the Eagle Has Landed..

I'm finally back home in Malaysia. Same old same old. The only difference is, I dont have to go back to Russia again, after 7 years of getting cranky with the weather and the people. I finally graduated from med school. Personally speaking, I dont prefer people calling me doctor or me myself introducing myself as one until I officially finish my housemanship. 

My parents came all the way to Moscow to watch my convocation, I dont know how proud they were, but as long as I can make them happy, that is all I care about. Afterwards we went to an impromptu eurotrip, a couple of days here and there. We went to our old place Leuven, in Belgium and to London. The weather initially was ok, but then, in typical British fashion, the heavens opened and it rained a lot in London.

So I arrived in KLIA without much fanfare. Nobody was there to fetch me save for an MO from my dad's department who is studying for masters in neurosurgery. Apparently my mum and sis had to go to Hotel Maya in KL for a surprise party for my dad, which was initiated by his department. He was shocked to see me already here in KL, so it was a double surprise for him.

What makes me sad was, I was all alone from my hostel in Moscow, to the airport in Domodedovo, to Dubai and to KL. I dont know anyone on the flight, and yes, it was kinda sad and lonely, for my final trip back home from Moscow.

Anyway, here I am, and I intend to savor all my free time before I start working as a slave for the people :p

After my very last exam. Excited!

Anything looks good on me! :p

My groupmates. 2 dudes are missing.

My pillars of strength.

My sister's friend @ OL of the day :D

Me and Azzam's bff, Dol flying about in front of VDNKh.

I'm getting the hell out of Moscow people! :)


Y u N a K u 3 said...

now you can officially touch hot woman via latex glove

shogunn_general said...

all kinds of woman come and go to hospital... =.=