Monday, October 15, 2012

..Azzam & Iylia..

Mak aih serabutnya aku.

Dr Sufrin, Tan Sri Dr Prem Nasir, le humble me.

Lauk sedap weh. Dol tambah 3 kali.

Dato Dr Peter Wong, Ketua BN bahagian Ipoh.

Nenek bagi minum air zamzam untuk Azzam.

Robot robotic me.

Senyum sokmo. Yo dude bukak la mata (joke never gets old).

The cavalry from M2, Moscow. Plus Aishah.

Oppa Azzam style.

Yesterday was my time to be the pengapit (best man) for my friend Azzam again. This time at his house in Proton City, Tanjung Malim. Last week was his wife's at Bangi Golf Resort. Azzam is one of my good friends in Moscow, plus he's been my roomate for 3 years I think. He sleeps a lot, plays futsal, shops at Topman, travels, you know, what any scholarship student would do, enjoying the fruits of life. Somewhat of a skema dude, he almost never skips class and always does his exams on time. A nice guy, but an absolute beast when he plays futsal haha...As a defender, always tackles hard, makan daging, and relish any physical challenge. But sometimes I nutmeg him from time to time because he has such long legs haha..

Anyway, I have no business whatsoever in this wedding business, and all I ever did was only coming to eat and chat and go back home. It was really lonely for me during his wife's occasion because I think I was his only friend who came, well to be fair it was Iylia's place. Anyway for his occasion, I drove the dudes with my trusty old Toyota Corolla, fetching Botak from Serdang, Dol from Bangsar and Shazli from Ampang. I was afraid of arriving there late so I pushed my dear old Tommy around 120 to 130kmh. Bergegar-gegar kereta aku hahahah plus it wasnt used to have full capacity of passengers. Arrived there safely around 11.30am with about 50minutes to 1 hour journey from Ampang, I guess? Screw the speed trapz. I'm not getting late for my best friend's wedding.

Aishah was the pengapit again this time. Looks like the same dress from last Haha anyway she's a nice person. It was so bloody hot and me and Aishah have to hold umbrellas over the pengantin's head. Azzam dah la tinggi gila weii. I really hope they dont show my sweaty armpits in the photos haha. Then it was the bersanding time. Big deal. Just have to kipas Azzam with this fancy little fan. Then his auntie gave me a tissue paper. I was like what the heck what am I to do about this. Oh kena lap peluh Azzam rupanya. So I did la a bit the I gave him the tissue suruh dia lap sendiri lol I aint touching a bro's face.

Interesting bit before the Azzam and Iylia was allowed to pass through. There was a water giving ceremony which they presented a glass of water to Azzam's grandma. I think its maybe a chinese custom. If I'm not mistaken she's a chinese muslim. A bit weird, but its alright.

Drove back home with the boys. They all slept in my car while I was driving..

Congratulations to your wedding Azzam and Iylia!


aishah zain said...

of course im a nice person! =) u should wrote that u almost didn't recognize me at the first place la... hahaha..

shogunn_general said...

haha tula second time jumpa macam x kenal, coz first time jumpa mula2 tu u mekap macam geisha :p