Friday, August 29, 2008

..kingdom come..

When I went back to Malaysia 2 months ago, I wasnt really a couch potato because every available night I might be going out berpoya2 (heh) or just hanging out with Johan and the dudes. But of the few, some has really caught my attention. Yeah.

1. Ugly Betty
- Not really that pleasing to the eye, but the American version of Colombia's Yo Soy Betty, La Fea was to me really catchy indeed. I mean, it didnt mattered if I missed an episode or not, because each and every one of it was different. I guess I never really properly watched the original version, but this one is kinda good indeed. A breath of fresh air from all those cliche 1hour dramas.

Hot Choc : Rebecca Romijn. Mystique huh. Heh

- Remember Angel? The guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who indeed got his own drama flick. He's back as FBI's Booth collaborating with the hot and spicy bone-loving anthropologist Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan. Not since Mulder and Scully have I've seen such a likable duo on TV. Thats what I think though. The quick witted and all brawns Booth plus Bones' razor sharp knowledge and brain makes this series interesting.

Hot Choc : Emily Deschanel. She kicks ass. And bones too.

3. Mayday/ Aircraft Investigation
- Heck its been awhile since I've watched documentaries on Nat Geo or Discovery Channel but this one caught my attention the most. Well it doesnt help that I'm a frequent flyer too, so it kinda brings some chill to my spine too huhu from watching all those accidents. The details, graphics and re-living of the actual situtation bodes well for me, who for some time has grown bored of documentaries about digging lost cities and damn mummies of dead kings.

Hot Choc : Hot stewardesses anyone? lol

4. Criminal Minds
- Step back CSI, this is my favorite crime series for the time being. The uniqueness of the squad with each and every persons speciality with gripping the scene of the crime, makes it different et all with other crime buffs. Its twisted.

Hot Choc : AJ Cook. Tasty.

5. Family Guy
- No fat chicks. Haha. I loved that tshirt. Now who doesnt like the adorable football-shaped head of Steward Griffin and the jackass-thinking father Peter Griffin. Spoofs and bluffs of celebrities, presidents, heck, likely every other person on earth has not been safe of being made fun of in this cartoon show heheh. My kinda show. Who needs Simpsons.

Hot Choc : Its a damn cartoon. Are you sick?

Bahh..Too tired to type anything else. Ciaoaaaaaaa~~~~


edd faLco said...

haha!! you got hooked on aircraft investigations too.

oh n stewie rules.

13 said...

stewie is wicked. nuff said