Friday, January 9, 2009

..hanging by a moment..

So the holiday has kind of started and surprise surprise I have nothing much to do! Well actually there is 1 week of class to go but I doubt many of them will bother about it. These past days has been rather boring and lifeless. And cold too. -15'C with blizzard, snow and wind, and don't tell me that is not cold! I guess that is Russia. Yesterday went to Thai Airways' office, firstly at Domodedovo International Airport because I guess since its an airport,it'll always be open lah. But hey,its closed because of holidays,or the other reason they gave,because they dont have a flight that day. So off I went to the Moscow center at M.Smolenskaya when the office was also closed!

Ramblings apart, today I went again at the Moscow center and breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was opened, so me and Peter could confirm the date of our flight back to Malaysia, ermm.. some time in July lah, just to be safe. But to say the least, it is extremely cold these days in Moscow. If you're a tourist in Moscow currently, I doubt you can find a colder place than this. Beats your refrigerator even perhaps haha.

Its been only like, what 9 or 10 january and already I'm out of money. Sort of. Haha. Dont really mind since I'm just staying in my room, watching tons of Family Guy and pirated movies but still, I need money to play football! Lucky I saved some I guess.

Ate veggies for the second straight day. Hurrah for me! Although the sambal seafood cocktail did cover up for much of it heh. Because its winter, I planned to get a bit of fat a little. So I guess I'm gonna sleep more,watch some more crap that I've downloaded,eat junk food and drink lots of Pepsi. Come on, that never hurts,right? I'm off watching movies. Cheers.


edd faLco said...

yess, alot of snacking & pepsi can hurt.. don't forget to brush & floss.

here's a tip for lazy heads - u cn brush wout toothpaste n thn gargle wif mouthwash. but dont skip flossg

I Am Marat13 said...

haha its hard to get fat when you burn all of it to withstand the freeze!huhu

haha mouthwash and flossing now thats a typical dentist for u =)