Wednesday, January 14, 2009

..crimson tide..

I completed Bones Season 1 and well besides the headache of the long marathon, I think I kind of get the hand of how they handle things. And usually the killer is someone just newly introduced in the aforementioned episode and blablabla me as a diligent watcher just have to guess who have the most motive and which of the dudes are able to do such horror things to a fellow human being. That is,doing something until there's only bones left. Which is actually the point of this drama series.

Oh well so I decided thats that and I'd better carry on watching other series perhaps. Almost finished Criminal Minds Season 1 so maybe after that I'll continue watching Pushing Daisies. I was actually kinda cool watching Pushing Daisies because its witty,smart and cute but perhaps too much color in the set was spoiling my groove at the time.

Lately I spend more time on Facebook rather than Friendster maybe because I have the dudes that I really2 know on Facebook,rather than Friendster who mostly I don't even know. But I guess that really doesn't make a difference since both of them are just a waste of time and space haha. Don't you deny that. I'd much rather read The Star, ESPN Soccernet or but hey, people need to know your whereabouts, right?

Mostly these days I spend my time cleaning my room over and over again. Perhaps trying to find empty papers for me to scribble on or for use of the printer.

Yes. I am a cheapskate. But only on certain occasions lah. I do indeed indulge in the male need of shopping,branded stuffs, and who says guys don't have the knack of shopping? Its just that we dudes find it hard to get what we really2 wanted, and sometimes the style and type of clothes or the price that we really wanted are just not available. Of course with a little homework before going to battle, or rather shopping is mostly helpful. But its all useless talking about that now. I'm currently broke! Huahua.


edd faLco said...

hoho me fs & fb are social resumes..haha! so we don't hv to waste time talking to ppl we wont get along with. haha! but it doesn't really work. :P

anyways..I too am waiting for pushing daisies new episodes.

I Am Marat13 said...

i heard they were going to cancel pushing daisies..damn..hope that one not going to happen la..

нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

check ur account balance.. a slight increase perhaps.. haha...

edd faLco said...

yeah..that canceling rumour has been out n about since last year. do nay cancel innocent sweetness pls.