Sunday, September 13, 2009

..the jezinkas..

Me, Johan and Haikal were a bunch of 3 stooges. Still is actually. Hehe. When I went back to Bangi the past 2 months, I don't know hell what to do. Yes, I do have so many plans, but whats the use when you're just all alone? Luckily I have my good buddies who are also my neighbours to keep me company. Seriously, my holiday would turn sour without these guys.

Reading newspapers before being told to work. Like all interns do.

Johan is half Malay, half Belgian. A mat saleh celup. Knew him since standard 6 when we were in the same class. Then in sekolah menengah we used to race each other on bicycles to see wo would get to school first. Theres the occassional zig-zagging between school busses and cars, but due to the adrenaline rush, we didn't really give a fuck.

Johan's Wira looks like this. Drives like Takuma Sato. The car belongs to his mum though.

Nowadays when we're older, we just hang around and talk bull shit, about girls, formula 1, Ukasyah or Ucop (always our butt of jokes), watching movies, or simply lepak at mamak, strolling around in shopping complexes enjoying the scene, going to Putrajaya for a midnight fresh air (before being chased off the Putrajaya Bridge by pesky policeman). We talked a lot, and I guess he's one of my best buddies. We share the same kind of humor, our view on girls, and some other stuffs. Being a simple Bangi guy like myself, he loaths being in the company of too many people (girls are exceptions), doesnt spend too much money on stuffs, but this dude likes going to the mamak. If only to escape his auntie's cooking. Hehe.

With his kid sister. Don't be fooled. He's single.

Haikal strikes me as an average joe. I always think I knew him somewhere, that he's my batchmate, but I guess we werent close then. Only when I went back this past summer, with me, him and Johan hanging out together, that I found out that this dude is actually fun. In front of people, he looks shy and anti social. Perfect! Just like me and Johan haha. Well theres a saying, you only hang out with people that you relate to, that is almost the same as you.

Haikal's mini mobile. But his is white with black roof.

When he drives his Kelisa, I always had a minor headache lol. Don't know why. So me Johan and Haikal always hang out together, with Johan always insisting us to play Call of Duty at some obscure cybercafe just to make fun of us and beating us like shit. No, Johan knows no mercy. You're a noob? Doesnt matter. He'll kill you 10 times more. Haikal is more like a stay-at-home bro. Driving his kid brother and sister to school, tuition, get a haircut or buying mobile phone top up. So its kinda hard to lepak with him, but at night, he's almost always free haha. So off we went playing Uno card at some mamak, exploring the vast area of new restaurants all around Bangi, or simply having a walk around Bangi's houses, simply enjoying the breeze in the night. And the view. Hee.

Well, I miss hanging around with you guys, but theres always another time. Can't wait for next year and do more stupid and awkward boys stuffs haha. Success in the future for all you guys.

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