Tuesday, October 6, 2009

..the most incredible thing..

I can bring my laptop even when I'm taking a crap. Suck on that Streamyx.

Dear readers. Its been awhile. But my university has cut the internet connection to our hostel a couple of days before Raya. Rumors says that the university had a battle royale with the internet provider regarding the rental fees, royalty, or something like that..not really sure.. Anyways, I managed to keep my head sane without the internet for some weeks, using free wifi at the nearest place possible using my laptop, though its tiring. The university only recently reinstalled the internet connection, but I think its going to take a while, because the tariff is pretty fucked up and I dont think my colleagues are going to like it and obey the orders. Might as well take a chance and buy a 4G internet modem with another provider. The connection is not quite fast, its decent, but its unlimited, and I dont really need very fast connection anyway. I'm not a downloading pirate, lol. Just the occasional songs, checking emails, maybank2u, facebook, soccernet, planetf1, wikipedia, fantasyfootball..not much really..

Trepanema Pallidum.This little guy causes Syphilis.Not cool.

Now I'm in my 3rd cycle, which is Dermatology and Venerological Diseases. My lecturer makes us see a lot of male and female genitals concerned with Syphilis, and stuffs. We dont really get to meet the real patients though, thank you very much, I'd pretty like to keep it that way. Its only a 1 week cycle, yet like always, it is interesting.

I expect to blog a lot now that I have my internet connection back. Its just that its currently 12.27am and I have to start class at 8.30am tomorrow hhehe. Cheers.


Blood Seeker said...

Hey dude!it's true, the mobile wireless is pretty cool...and it's fast too. The downside is that everyone uses the same IP - so for megaupload, rapidshare and 4chan you're pretty much damned.

But that's okay, looking at your internet usage.

James said...

Eh, if you need your broadband pimped, try this contest la :)


shogunn_general said...

hafiz :nah. i'm not a downloading freak. normal speed should do just fine.heh

james :haha nowadays even broadband can b pimped.. ^^

James said...

Ya man... I think you can even enter with this blogpost. Just submit and can win a Macbook air :)