Saturday, April 24, 2010


Once again, the issue on road discipline. Things I don't really like, but the people of Malaysia did it anyway. In no particular order.

Those pesky Singaporeans!!

1. Flashing lights from behind, making sure you get the fuck out of the way. This of course happens in highways all over Malaysia, but mostly in the North-South Highway. I mean, I get it, you're racing against time (or death!) but I can see you from my sidemirrors and I will get the fuck out of your way, but just give me some time to speed a bit and potong the car in front, my engine is only but a 1.6L, and I use 15 year old family saloon car. Most of the time, they are cars with Singapore plates (that tells you about their kiasu), BMW, Mercedes, Audi, some big SUVs, and sometimes Proton Wira! You better be careful dude, not every car have good safety figures. Especially if you have already altered that Wira so much. So, dont flash your lights at me! I know how to get out of the way.

Shit definitely happens when you don't tell people whether to turn left or right.

2. When I wait patiently at a junction, I say this honestly, the junction near my house, that one really need a traffic light. Its near the gerai goreng pisang and surat khabar, which are usually packed when people are coming back from work or when school starts/finish. I hate it when people dont use their light indicators! Come on la, kalau kau nak belok kiri, kanan ke, bagi la signal, make my life easier, ok? Ini tak, guna kereta mahal2, and then act like the road is your fucking playground. You are wasting my time.

Not tol Sungai Besi, but you get my picture.

3. Cutting queues when using toll booths. I was waiting patiently for my turn. Changing the CD a bit on my stereos, looking at the mirror a bit (checking for pimples or other unkown mishap LOL), only 4 or 5 cars left then I can take my ticket from the Sungai Besi toll when suddenly some fucker jumps in and try to squeeze his or her way in. Cibai.

If you are aware, theres a "white figure" at the back of the photo, near F15. Supposedly it is the spirit of a girl who killed herself by choking herself with exhaust fumes.

4. You're in the parking lot of a famous shopping centre, you're kinda late for a movie, and so typically, theres no empty parking space. So you go around and around frantically to find a parking space, and lo and behold, you found one! Then you are preparing to park back first, going reverse into the parking space, giving the indicator some more so people will notice, then some douchebag just force his way in and go steal your parking space. What the hell?? Where goes all the manner? Aku memang dah selalu kena. Typically they are guys around 25-28, with a typical douchebag-like appearance.

Don't you use that smile on me girl!

5. Motorcycle users. Specifically in KL. I know you're small, but please mind yourself and the others. Ok I'm stuck in a minor traffic jam, no big deal. But then off went motorcycles left and right, and they like almost always looked like they will hit a car, with their zigzagging and all that. Can't you just make your mind and use only 1 way? Plus I hate it when scratch my car, sidemirrors and everything. Carpaint are not cheap ok!!

See? Douchebags.

6. People who dont know how to park their car properly. Seriously, how hard is it to park a car? If its a sideway kind of parking, I dont really mind, but this is just some regular parking. These are the people who takes two parking spaces instead of one, or park too near my car until me or my passenger friend cannot get out of my car. Seriously, where did you get your license done mate?


edd faLco said...

creepy pic...altho mcm katun haha

shogunn_general said...

haha i was just making up the story..but pic is real tho

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

naqqib!! scary giler! hantu betol ke u buat2 citer je?!? tell me its something else and not a ghost there! T.T

shogunn_general said...

not sure tho...but check out if that "thing" got shoes or not... =p i think the head part is pretty creepy...