Saturday, May 1, 2010

..drops of jupiter..

We love our shoes, right? Even us men. Only when we can afford them, haha.. So today I'm going to tell you guys about my current batch of shoes.


This is only my third ever futsal shoes. Costs around RM130, after discount. I bought it at Midvalley Megamall, at some obscure sports outlet near the bowling place and cinema. I find it quite comfortable, at the time I could only find the yellow ones that are kinda cool, so what the heck. Its durable, and I think I've been wearing it for about 2 years now. I never wore it outside, on the streets. I wear it only when I'm playing futsal.


My first futsal shoes. Turns out to be a flop. But judging by the price, around RM60, I couldn't complain much. Bought it at Midvalley Megamall, at Jusco's sports department. Its loose, and it doesn't really feels like wrapping around my feet. Its horrible when you pass the ball, its even worse when you try to shoot too. This one I do wear it on the streets. One of the shoes that I regret buying it.

Adidas classic.

I bought these babies just near the end of last year in Moscow, the Discount Center near Metro Avtosavodskaya. These cost me only around 1600rubles. I've been skeptical before buying it, but I never had shoes like these type before, so I decided to have a go. Turns out that its quite nice to wear. The colors black and white contrasts nicely, and my feet doesn't look big when I'm wearing. Currently my first choice whenever I go to class and places.

DC Shoes.

I think these are rip-offs. Which explains why it only cost me around RM60. Bought it at some shoe shop in Berjaya Time Square, when I went back home to Malaysia last summer. The shoelaces were bought from Radioactive, RM3 I think. This is not my first time buying skate shoes, but this time it disappointed me. The back of the shoes are already ripped-like, thus always destroying the back of my socks also. I think its kinda nice to look at, but not really practical.


These badasses are for heavy duty work. I bought it way back when I was in my pre-med. These cost me 4000 something rubles.Very nice to wear especially in winter or pre-winter, when the snow is like melting a bit, or when theres heavy snow, you just bulldoze through all that crap of snow like you are in a fucking tractor, just because you are wearing these shoes, and just because you can. They are not pleasant too look at, but boy they are good. And also heavy. No water or snow goes through the shoes, it is just unacceptable. I dont always wear them though, only when the weather forces me to.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Paling sampah taste kau dekat kasut skater tue bila kau pakai dengan seluar baggy.Serius nie.Hahaha.

BTW,dulu kau kutuk aku pakai selipar kaler putih tapi kuning pun capub gak,ok?Wakakaka

shogunn_general said...

eh itu zaman muda2..memang aku naif..haha

selipar kuning aku ok ape..sape2 yg cilok selipar aku bole aku terus jumpa..hehehe